Some thoughts about bats

Bats in various parts of the world, including North America, are at risk from a lethal fungus that is killing them in droves. Elizabeth Kolbert has written eloquently about this in The New Yorker.  We have not yet seen her or anyone else investigate whether we should be similarly worried about our BAT caves– places where eccentric, perceptually different, sometimes upside-down thinking happens. There certainly have been attacks on academia and publicly funded higher education of late.  But we are not sure we have seen the BATs themselves or their investigative reporters step forward to explain why anyone should care or be concerned. Maybe that will start to happen soon, and even here. In the mean time, here is a photo of a bat cave:

Not a BAT cave.  Those look like this:

But note the similarities…

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1 Response to Some thoughts about bats

  1. Lauri Robertson says:

    Looks like an old haven…

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