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The Economy versus the Environment? Not! (Or Why to Be Tigger Instead of Eeyore this Halloween)

Jobs versus the Environment.  It’s an old rhetorical battle that has recently acquired new life.  Here are some examples of its past.  In the 1970s and 80s, when the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts were passed and initially enforced, … Continue reading

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Theoretical Unspecifiables (Theory Moves)

Theoretical Unspecifiable: [thee-uh-ret-i-kuhl un-spes-uh-fahy-uh-buhl] Noun Phrase In a theory or a mode of thought, an unspecified (and unspecifiable) term used to resolve gaps, contradictions, incommensurabilities and paradoxes.  A theoretical unspecifiable is conceptually nearly vacant (and inaccessible to theorization) but at the same … Continue reading

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Jobs, Death, Philanthropy and Taxes

As a former user of pc’s and various other non-Apple tech products, I still have the fervor of the newly converted. I love my MacBook Pro, my iPhone and iPad, and think everything Apple is faster, more intuitive, less buggy, … Continue reading

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AALS Law School Hiring and Recruitment: How to Get a Job as a French Intellectual (The Interview)

Today, there is a great wealth of advice available to faculty candidates who wish to become law professors.  One of the little known avenues for becoming a law professor (much neglected in even the best existing literature) is to get … Continue reading

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Narcissistic Interpretation (Theory Moves)

Narcissistic Interpretation: [nahr-suh–sis-tik in-tur-pri-tey-shuhn] Noun Phrase A tendency to systematically misread the work of others in a way that confirms one’s world view or satisfies one’s psychological, political or professional needs. Antonym: charity in interpretation See also: déformation professionelle; taking … Continue reading

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Remembering Derrick Bell

Derrick Bell died last week at the age of 80.  Though his passing was overshadowed by the death of Steve Jobs, Bell’s achievements were recounted in the New York Times and elsewhere:  First African American law professor to be tenured … Continue reading

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Middleness, Moderation, Compromise, and Other Inflexible Positions

Some Democratic politicians and commentators are wistfully wondering whether Occupy Wall Street and its national counterparts might not be a progressive equivalent of the right’s Tea Party Movement. A bit late–dontcha think?   And ironic as well.  Because it signifies a … Continue reading

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