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The Iraq War is Over

It’s over.  And yet no one is talking about it much publicly. Perhaps it’s because it was never our war.   We were supposed to go shopping.   Remember?  It was Bush’s war.  And it was (like virtually all his lifetime … Continue reading

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Got Knowledge?

In “The Meditations,” Descartes revealed his desire to make a “solid and lasting contribution to knowledge,”  His problem, as he saw it, is that he had accumulated a large number of false opinions and thereon erected a flimsy structure.  He … Continue reading

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Coase and “The Problem of Social Cost” (Again)

I don’t know if other academics experience this, but I find that, in scholarship, I am drawn to certain texts or problems over and over again for reasons that remain elusive.   And so here I am again, writing yet … Continue reading

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Blue Nights, Lockerbie and the Solstice

It is that time of year. The light is dying. The trees are skeletal. The sky is low and grey around the edges. Rather than seeming full of possibilities, the world narrows in scope.  Climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa … Continue reading

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Law School Exam Last Minute Help

Random student (probably law) demonstrating how to study: First, of all, if you are a law student and still reading this post, you are in deep trouble.  In fact, you really don’t have time for this and should really go away.   If … Continue reading

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Simula Life

My local bookstore is a pretty good one—as book stores go.  It regularly brings in authors (both renowned and good).  Its reader recommendations are generally excellent.  It purveys only a minimum of kitsch (greeting cards and such).  Its shelves are … Continue reading

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Law School Faculties and the Enneagram

Finally, the day came when Professor X retired. You and your friends on the faculty attended her goodbye party and smiled and clapped at appropriate moments. But inside, you whooped and hollered and sang a little song, something not quite … Continue reading

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