The American Law School (Tentative Notes for Stages of Evolution)


Stage 1: Socratic

Stage 2: Soft Socratic

                      Stage 3: Lecture/Student-oriented Learning

Stage 4: Consumer Preference

Advancement Societies:

Stage 1: Old Boys Club/Old School Tie

Stage 2: Political/Intellectual Interest groupings

Stage 3: Connections

Stage 4: Networking

Scholarship Evaluation (Personnel Actions)

Stage 1: The Tenure Article

Stage 2: Multiple Articles

Stage 3: Citation rates/Download Rates/Faculty ranking

Stage 4: Brand Recognition

Media Outreach by Faculty

Stage 1: State Bar Publication

Stage 2: CLE talk

Stage 3: Talking Head/Radio Interviews

Stage 4: Internet/Blog Presence

Law School Publicity

Stage 1: Admissions Brochure

Stage 2:  Quarterly Glossy Alumni Report

Stage 3: Multiple Targeted Glossies

Stage 4: State of the Art Web Site/Press Agents/PR Specialists

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1 Response to The American Law School (Tentative Notes for Stages of Evolution)

  1. All too true. But this would have even more oomph if you could plot it on some sort of 3-D graphic. Like a five set Venn diagram? Or maybe a cube like the COSO framework uses?

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