The Law Review Article

Just posted on ssrn and bepress:

The Law Review Article

By Pierre Schlag *

March 11, 2016


Keywords: law review article, absurd, cass sunstein,

Abstract: This very short piece describes the form, structure and vexations of the law review article qua scholarly artifact. It also contains Professor Max Stein’s latest (fictional) thoughts as articulated in Schlag’s recently published novel, “American Absurd.”


The most important thing at the beginning of a law review article is to excite the reader’s imagination, to evoke the hope that what comes next is truly gripping. A page-turner. Something totally out of the ordinary. Perhaps not even a law review article at all. Once this moment is reached,….

[For the rest see here on ssrn or bepress]


“American Absurd”

Available on Amazon March 15th:

Front Cover 3D Square Canvas Small[2].jpeg




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