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We Built It (Part I Losing It)

We built it.   It.  We.  Not you.  Not the government.  It belongs to us.  It is ours.  We work harder than you.  You cannot know how hard we work to build our small businesses.  (100 to 1500).  We work harder than our workers who … Continue reading

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Quantitative Tie-Breakers (Theory Moves)

Quantitative Tie-Breakers: [kwon-ti-tey-tiv tahy brey-kers] Noun Phrase The fundamental issue in the final stages of appellate adjudication almost always takes the form, “How can something that is inescapably two or more things at once be only just one thing.”   (Apologies to Thomas Reed Powell.)  … Continue reading

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The Monty Python Example No. 3 (Analytical Philosophy in Law)

Too much of it arguably reads like this: In The Concept of Law, H.L.A. Hart once said something.  This brilliant insight (BI) effectively corrected some fundamentally wrongheaded ways of thinking.   Yet upon closer examination, BI encompasses a number of different ideas … Continue reading

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I have been waiting.  In an airport.   For my flight.  Before that I was waiting in line.  For security.  For passport control.  For baggage drop-off.    I have been waiting all morning.  In line.  My passport and my boarding pass … Continue reading

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The Law Review Rejection

Yesterday, I received an email from a top fifteen law review: Dear Professor Schlag, We have carefully considered your article, [Title]  Unfortunately, we cannot accept it for publication in the [Name] Law Review. We expect this year to receive well … Continue reading

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Sh*t Law Professors Say

Strangely, this popular Youtube concept has not yet resulted in a video about law professors. We are here to fill the void.  For those of you not familiar with the genre, here is an example, also produced in our home … Continue reading

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The Monty Python Example No. 2 (With Special Reference to Constitutional Interpretation)

As suggested in a prior post, the British comedy troupe Monty Python is generally under-acknowledged for its jurisprudential insights.  Nonetheless, these are occasionally quite sharp.  Here, for instance, in the “The Argument Clinic:” we have a demonstration of a basic … Continue reading

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