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Earth Day, Dog Whistles, and Zero Sum Politics

The Supreme Court’s decision today in Schuette v. Bamn would seem to have little to do with Earth Day. The Court, in a fractured majority decision, upheld Michigan’s voter-enacted ban on race based affirmative action programs in state institutions, including … Continue reading

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Sustainability and Equity in a Climate Changed World

A small group of environmental law professors gathered recently for a two-day workshop on the concept and practice of sustainability.  I was asked to lead a discussion about the relationship between sustainability and equity.  The group decided to take the … Continue reading

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Will Environmental Justice Mean an Equally Lousy Environment for All?

The environmental justice movement, sparked by activism in low-income communities of color, brought national attention to the problem of disparate siting of pollution and hazardous waste. The EJ movement grew to take on broader issues of inequality with respect to … Continue reading

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