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Mitt Romney’s Product Placement

Legal education has its detractors, but most law schools would fare well when compared to Full Sail University, the for-profit school offering various degrees in the entertainment field. As reported in the New York Times, Full Sail U offers, among … Continue reading

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David Segal’s Paper Chase and Some Musings on Legal Education

Legal education has changed a lot since its depiction in The Paper Chase, in which the imposing Professor Kingsfield grilled James T. Hart into “thinking like a lawyer.” But you could be forgiven for thinking that all law professors stalk around … Continue reading

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Tips for Legal Commentators: How to Talk to the Press

Sometimes, legal commentators (law professors and whatnot) are ambushed by the press asking for commentary on a case just handed down.  What to say?   Sometimes one just doesn’t know.   Here then, by way of suggestion, is a list of plausible … Continue reading

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