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Ryan’s Scariest Lie

I know sub-three hour marathoners, I am friends with sub-three hour marathoners, and I have run a sub-three hour marathon.  Paul Ryan, you are no sub-three hour marathoner. To many, Paul Ryan’s marathon lie is probably the most innocuous one … Continue reading

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Gun Culture

Whatever the Second Amendment means, the problem for our society is that we have internalized the notion not only that we have the right to own guns, but we all should actually own one.  The NRA’s political and legal successes have … Continue reading

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Santorum on Religion

On Sunday, Santorum gave what the NYtimes called a full-throated defense of religion in politics.   In particular, Santorum said that John F. Kennedy’s speech on separation of church of state made him want to “throw up.”  I quote: “To say … Continue reading

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If Satan is Coming, Should I Bother to Recycle?

Rick Santorum, in a speech at Ave Maria University in 2008, asserted that Satan had set his sites on America.  Santorum recently deflected questions about the speech by saying it was not relevant to his campaign.  But hold on.  If … Continue reading

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Santorum Rising

No, not that Santorum. Come on people. Senator Rick Santorum, who is taking his turn as the Not-Romney republican candidate du jour. If Santorum wins in Michigan, he may be more than just the Not-Romney of today; he could be … Continue reading

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Gingrich Rising

Some days you just know it’s going to be a really good day:  The Sunday Times on the table.   Espresso frothing in the kitchen.  Sourdough pancakes on the griddle.   And Newt Gingrich winning in South Carolina… Could things … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Product Placement

Legal education has its detractors, but most law schools would fare well when compared to Full Sail University, the for-profit school offering various degrees in the entertainment field. As reported in the New York Times, Full Sail U offers, among … Continue reading

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