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Too Much Information, Not Enough Knowledge

If you wanted to disappear, where would you go? A small town in southern Utah is a good bet, at least according to its reclusive inhabitants. Yet they know that their days of being off of the information grid are … Continue reading

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Indians and Jews in Italy

Playing Indian in Rome Piazza Navona, one of Rome’s iconic public spaces, was dressed down for Christmas.  The Piazza’s three renaissance era fountains, two designed by the incomparable sculptor Bernini, were overwhelmed by street vendors selling candy, t-shirts, fried dough … Continue reading

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Blue Nights, Lockerbie and the Solstice

It is that time of year. The light is dying. The trees are skeletal. The sky is low and grey around the edges. Rather than seeming full of possibilities, the world narrows in scope.  Climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa … Continue reading

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The Economy versus the Environment? Not! (Or Why to Be Tigger Instead of Eeyore this Halloween)

Jobs versus the Environment.  It’s an old rhetorical battle that has recently acquired new life.  Here are some examples of its past.  In the 1970s and 80s, when the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts were passed and initially enforced, … Continue reading

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Religion, Sex and Politics

Aren’t those the three things not to discuss with friends and relatives? Yet all three were on my mind one winter afternoon in the Uffizi Museum in Florence, Italy as I wandered lazily through rooms stuffed with iconic renaissance art.  … Continue reading

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David Brooks v. Belgium

David Brooks has a column this morning, “The Lost Decade,” in which he describes our bad economy as an “emergent condition”—one where the condition (viewed as a whole) is worse than the sum  of its parts.  He then suggests that … Continue reading

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